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November Class Log of Beijing Anli Center

  • Detailed Introduction

    Our railway children will graduate next month in a twinkling of an eye, recall may just the entrance, the four little baby does not adapt, vaguely remember the children every morning, mom and dad waving goodbye, bye bye mom, bye bye dad in the English language with sobs, even mom with school lunch together, with the passage of time, the growth of the children, the whole English classroom, the teacher and the children of the familiar, now to baylor became a kind of expectation, sometimes at the time of telephone communication, always can hear the baby, they say, is Cherry teacher, I want to go to baylor to find you play, this words will make work busy feel some warmth.


    Baby Angela (middle) today, the mood is low, may be due to get up early in the morning, go to the airport to send my grandfather, because my grandfather to go abroad for a long time, then mom drove with time to take Angela school, may be the children grow up, know, respectively is sad, and even some is difficult to control their emotions, in the morning and mother apart, has always been loathe to give up, but as long as there is close friend accompany, oneself also is much better.

    Cherry, Cherry, I like Andy. This is where I say a word, (right) combined serve as a pet phrase, I'd like to sit with Andy, I want to sleep with Andy next to, I want to play with Andy;


    "Mom, Andy in the group of hair homework?"

    "Oh, I see ah, hair!"

    "That I also want to do my homework, and also in the group of"

    This is our two lovely guy, today very coincidence wore the same clothes, whether very tacit understanding?


    The arrival of the winter, even don't want to wake up the kid's lunch break, Cherry, teacher, I want to sleep, I don't think of, don't think of ~ ~ ~ special love scene appear at this time, other children have got up around Kevin, "get up get up Kevin, Kevin, don't wake up, we are gone, you don't get up, we can ignore you, in the afternoon snacks you eat not to eat?" Creaking sound theory, children at this time, is no longer a kid, all into grownup, look! Kevin hear oneself laughed ~ ~ ~


    By Kevin mask, can guess what we have learned? The children like the manual to this link, relaxed to colour, mutual admire children "work", and then take home into his own collection!


    The children gave me a lot of feelings, warm, kind loving, active, let me more love this career. Children in self emotion management and the improvement of learning, parents and teachers all see in the eye, I sincerely hope that the children have been the growth of healthy, let the joy around everyone.

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