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November Class Log of Beijing Fuzhuo Center

  • Detailed Introduction

    Foreign teachers use flash CARDS to attract children's attention. Children play games can come up with foreign teachers, children need to beat the flash card, flash card and say words, such as Walk or Run, child beat the two flash card at the same time, he also to transfer to a circle around the foreign teachers, teachers and children after five ", children can back to the seat. After the game children can clearly tell walk and run the pronunciation of words.




    Foreign teachers in the flash card, Eric up children swim practice ultimately responds the eat the meaning of vocabulary and pronunciation, such as children a flap flash card clear to say this word again. After I will give the child stars, I will according to the different words and different kinds of stars, it helps children to improve interest and happiness. The children interested in flap flash card games, so they actively raise your hand to participate in the game.



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