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November Class Log of Beijing Yizhuang Center

  • Detailed Introduction

    Our teacher Delta after finished his story, and then through the story, let the students do the exercise.


    The content of this lesson is about our BIG BOOK, tell the story of brown bear, story after our Delta teachers through the game story adapted into songs, such as Rocky Rocky, what do you see, I see the Delta & at me. Because of the rhythm is very strong, so students will soon be able to catchy, vied with one another to participate. This study both our course content, and have increased interest in learning! Let every one of us learned knowledge, both in class and did a lot of practice, let the children learning knowledge firmly.



    PK2 - A004 double class

    Into our class, our teacher of Jamie PK2 - A004 in interactions with children played the game, although we are a new class, but through the guidance of our foreign teachers as well as the strong affinity, let the children happy and positive to participate in every link in the class.



    Flash card, broadly speaking is visual stimulation, is in the infant stage, to establish a high-quality visual neural circuits, for the purpose of through rich external visual stimulus, enhance infants and young children's imagination and logical thinking ability, strengthening the infant's visual cognition, culture essence of infants and young children's visual distinguishing force, improve infant's visual attention and observation, the stereo vision of development of infants and young children and infants and young children's visual integration.



    In our English class, baylor subjects we carefully set every class is in class, the flash card teaching method for our children learn class effect also played a big help.

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