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November Class Log of Shanghai Shenzhuang Center

  • Detailed Introduction

    In our regular class K our part Numbers, the teachers make the letter card to combine our whiteboard. First of all, children need to listen to what the teacher said, for example: "Can you find the number seven?" Children will find the corresponding Arabic numerals in a whiteboard "7", and say "This is the number seven" find again after the teacher asked questions, "Can you spell the number seven?" Children are based on the teacher's use to spell out the seven letters CARDS. We, in the form of game teaching will our course content appears in the form of entertainment for children, more easy to children for the absorption of knowledge, but also let the children's learning enthusiasm, the children are scrambling to say "the teacher the teacher let me try"!



    In our K level of the course will focus on the children in the classroom for not spot check on a regular basis. We will send the children each one prepared using the test paper, the teacher will say words, then the children have their spelling.



    We often have spelling content mainly in classroom study of high frequency words is given priority to, most children are very confident to write their own spell the answer, his mouth will say a "c" "" "" n ", often need to make the "hiss" gesture. Stop students from content to master the ability to understand and later review will be helpful.

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