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November Class Log of Shanghai Xujiahui Center

  • Detailed Introduction

    This is our opening ceremony, in the beginning we will give the children a blank face like, let the children to draw their own senses, and then the children will take a picture came to power through the facial features used in English to introduce yourself and show your parents.




    First out part of the picture, in fact, this class is the second year, that's right, the PK2 is elevated from the railway. When these little guys don't upset, because is the first time out of his parents' arms in class alone, cry to much, we are careful to appease these youngsters with meticulous care is a little upset, after several times can become independent class after class, also learned a lot of things.




    Parents are our way of teaching, at the end of the nearby school year have continued to the second year courses, to allow my children to obtain further growth.




    Let's continue to release the pictures below.




    These photos are taken in the opening ceremony of the children are happy to receive your new schoolbag, taken here we sincerely thank the parents for our support, at the same time also let us here sincerely hope children can have learned something in this class.

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